Share, Tag or Dye SHOW – VAGon

September 2, 2022 by Sabina Suru Ehibitions, Installation, Photography Comments Off on Share, Tag or Dye SHOW – VAGon


September 3rd – October 2nd, 2022
VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space, Malmaison Studios, Bucharest [RO]


Welcome to our analogue(d) social network!


Starting on September 3rd, the Share, Tag or Dye SHOW (aka exhibition aka our collective & immersive installation) will be in full swing. Join us for a stroll!


We don’t know about you, but we got tired of scrolling up and down, left and right, 5 kinds of sideways on Mondays. And we can’t underestimate the importance of social media in making our artworks known, but (sigh), do I really have to post today?

The consumption of art via screen (phone, computer) has become so ubiquitous that it often replaces a visit to a gallery or museum, and the experience is implicitly degraded. We enjoy the digital space, but we need the tangible even more, don’t we?

Share, Tag or Dye is that place where social media meets the tangible. We invited the whole world into this since social media can instrument it so easily (and we wanted the best of both worlds!). Through the open call, 204 people joined our analogue social network, from Chile to India, from Sweden to New Zealand!

All of you who joined us contributed with a link from your social media feeds to be brought into “matter” using a nineteenth century technique, cyanotype that is, a technique based on iron salts that are UV sensitive, yielding a deep blue print.

The technique is credited to Sir John Herschel (1842), although he used it mostly for reproducing notes. It was a woman who first used this process under a fotografic démarche – botanist Anna Atkins, in her “Photographs of British Algæ: Cyanotype Impressions”. This is also the first book with photographic illustrations – pretty cool, right?


If you want to know more about this technique, you can start here:…/


Join us at VAGon / Malmaison Studios, enjoy your stroll and, remember:

Share, Tag or Dye!


More about the project here.


Share, Tag or Dye is a worldwide collaborative project co-produced by the Allkimik Photographic Association and VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space, in partnership with Alternative Photography, with support from the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

01 Come in, don’t be shy, the installation awaits @Malmaison Studios – photo Alex Spineanu
02 Share, Tag or Dye SHOW, entering the installation @VAGon – photo Alex Spineanu
03 Share, Tag or Dye SHOW, detail – photo Alex Spineanu
04 Share, Tag or Dye SHOW, detail – photo Alex Spineanu
05 Visitors scanning the contributors wall at the opening @VAGon – photo Cristina Dinu
06 Visitors scanning the contributors wall at the opening @VAGon – photo Sabina Suru
07 Visitors strolling through the installation @VAgon – photo Sabina Suru
08 Visitors strolling through the installation @VAgon – photo Alex Spineanu

photos from the opening event by Alex Spineanu, Andrei Tudose and me.


Allkimik Photographic Association is an art collective derived from a decade old entrepreneur initiative with focus on analogue, alternative and experimental photography. Now an NGO, Allkimik helps develops this sector through collaborative and/or research projects, workshops and residencies, exhibitions and publications.


VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space, is a hybrid artist-run space, within the framework of Marginal and located within the Malmaison Studios. VAGon opens a cultural space for emerging and aspiring artists, encourages transdisciplinary collaborations, motivates experiment and searches for plausible alternatives within the art world.


Alternative Photography is a worldwide community led by their passion for historical / alternative and experimental photography. This widespread collective also functions as a peer-based archive and active project-engines in order to develop contemporary photography and its heritage.


Project team:
Andrei Tudose: PM & artistic co-director
Sabina Suru – artistic co-director
Stefan Dinu – technical coordinator
Alex Spineanu – workshop coordinator

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