Visual artist and cultural manager, based in Bucharest, RO

Faulty Technology

I am a postdigital artist with a profound love for misplaced and forgotten objects, technologies and stories. I believe reactivating or adapting techniques or technologies which get so easily buried underneath ever-growing novelty, does more than help keep old wisdom (as dramatic as it may sound), but rather bring about new knowledge and new approaches to technology, science and art, becoming an ever transforming hybrid. Strangely enough, that is how innovation actually works most of the time, if one looks into history’s dynamics. And paradigms have the bad habit of not changing of their own accord.

Throughout my professional practice, I have built on the relationship between new and old through a continuous dialogue between applied arts (silver-based, alternative and experimental photography, holography and other image recording media, video and interactive or participatory installations) and scientific practices (optics, physics, chemistry), as a basis of rethinking and innovating not only art and society, but rather how we perceive, relate to and develop the accumulation of realities we live in and identities we internalize. 

As such, I address issues related to instrumented vision, tangible and digital identity, objectification and exographic memory, while challenging the public to take an active stand, beyond the speculative or formal questioning manifested in the objects and technologies that I compose or recompose. My works are ’emotion activators’, assembling an interactive and experiential space, while shedding light over our (lack of) responsibility in the construction of ethical media, art and technologies.

I am a visual artist and cultural manager, co-founder of the NGO’s Marginal (2022-), Allkimik Photographic Association (2022-) and Qolony – the Art & Science Colony (2019-2022), respectively of the artist-run hybrid VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space (2021-), within Malmaison Studios.

With background in painting and visual studies, my practice relies on a postdigital and transdisciplinary approach, rooted in silver-based, alternative and experimental photography and holography, respectively video and interactive/ participatory installation, incorporating elements and concepts from science (optics, physics) and collaborations with practitioners from various fields such as scientific research, contemporary dance and music.

My work has been exhibited nationally (IOMO Gallery, Rezidența9, Strata Gallery, Malmaison Studios) and internationally (Steinbarg Gallery – UA, White Noise Gallery – IT), as well as in several new media and film festivals around the world (Simultan Festival and BIEFF Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival – RO, Pebbles Underground Film and Video Art Festival, Sphere Festival – IN, Blacksphere Festival – CZ).

My recent projects involved holography and performance (Affective Particles), artificial intelligence (The Entropist / The Somatist, the Entropist & the Skeptic), photography (Share, Tag or Dye), video and installation at the border between analogue and digital practices (Faulty Technology, Gentle agents, A Mechanical Copy: The Blue Room).

Faulty Technology