Multimedia artist and cultural manager, based in Bucharest, RO

Faulty Technology

I am a multimedia artist with a profound love for misplaced and forgotten objects, techniques and stories. I believe moving and old something into a new and fresh context has the capacity of reviving it into something not only alive again, but richer; something that keeps old wisdom (as dramatic as it may sound) and covers itself with new knowledge and new technology, becoming an ever transforming hybrid. Strangely enough, that is how innovation actually works most of the time, if one looks into history’s dynamics.

Throughout my professional practice, I have built on the relationship between applied arts (in my case, silver-based and alternative photography, photo-object, video and interactive installation) and scientific practices (optics, physics, chemistry), as a basis of rethinking and innovating not only society, but also how we look at, relate to and develop art and acquire knowledge. My main interest of research and practice is the photographical as a scientific tool and the inter-dependencies between paradigm shifts, scientific/technological breakthroughs and cultural changes.

My work questions the conditions of the appearance of image in the context of instrumentalized vision and ultimately, instrumentalized identity and communication channeling. My aim is to renegotiate the connections between dissociated fields (art and science, for example) and conceptual art as being part of a reactive or – at times – autistic medium. As such, I comment on themes surrounding identity loss, objectification, exographic memory, time and how they are activated and acted on, within our contemporary society.

In 2019, I co-founded Qolony (the Art & Science Colony), which became a beautiful team of people, working together to build up on the relationship between arts, sciences and technology. Among the upcoming projects, I will name Fusion AIR (an Artist-in-Residence program, held at/in partnership with several national research institutes) and two upcoming collaborative projects – the The somatist, the entropist and the skeptic (which builds on interfaces between the perception of the body vs. the perception of reality; here, my artistic input focuses on silver based holography), and Recoveries (a project reuniting artists working in video – like myself -, AR/VR, sculpture and contemporary dance).

All the while, I have been active in various photographic and intermedia practices. I am interested in the way narrative and object-oriented approaches can participate in a widening of the formal, conceptual and site-specific spectrum of photography. Earlier in 2019, I developed “Speculative Mechanisms”, which materialized in a process of objectifying the photograph (2D vs. 3D, by using the anatomical parts of photography – prisms, magnifying glass, mirrors etc.) and bringing it into real contact with the viewer (interactive installation, mutable imaging etc.), followed by Faulty Technologies, a video installation project that dwells at the border between analogue and digital practices, blurring the video technique as it melts into photographic processes and objectification. Previous projects include collaborations with artists and practitioners from various fields, such as photography, scientific research, contemporary dance or speculative research, in a multimedia frame of work.

Faulty Technology