shimmering glimpses
into iaval

How do we define reality? The positions of observation and participation in the common space-time, which we usually refer to as ‘reality’, are infinite, from the cellular to the human or even the planetary level. They manifest, intersect and affect each other, actively and passively constructing realities of various forms.

We usually think of fictional space as being populated by ideas that coalesce into stories whose worlds, we can only access through our imagination. What if we could reach these worlds of the non-space through interaction with physical structures? This project proposes a new way of accessing a speculative-fictional space, by discovering a different dimension of existence that is in (unapparent) symbiosis with the world we inhabit.

The artist as a researcher of unobservable dimensions, using fiction as a method, presents, through this project, the results of scientific research carried out in the parallel world of iavaline beings through an installation of silver-based holography. Holography is not a time-based medium. It provides a view into a space, like a window. The term refers to a dual process – first of all, a way of encoding a three-dimensional, physical space or object, into a flat surface, by recording the interference pattern of the reflected light from the reference object and an optical reconstruction of the image based on a light diffraction event. The holograms function as perceptual bridges to the world populated by the empathic species documented and classified throughout the process of investigation. The viewer becomes himself a researcher of this world through interaction with the installation, observing the interferences produced at the objective-perceptual level by the fictional beings.

By transposition into a parallel world where life evolves without being subordinated to human existential laws, shimmering glimpses into iaval offers an opportunity to question the pre-established ways in which we understand, imagine and act in relation to objective reality. In this way, we can imagine alternative ways of interacting, based on empathy and curiosity, with the forms of life that surround us, whether on the same existential plane as us or not.

Silver based holography project / Installation

Dimensions: variable

Materials: glass, silver gelatin emulsion, wood, object, installation



Andrei Tudose – research & support

Bogdan Călin – scientific research

Anca Ușurelu - text


Special thanks to:

Paul Farca

Qolony Association – the Art & Science Qolony

Center for Advanced Laser Technologies – CETAL



2021 - duo-show “Realities” @Diptych Art Space, Bucharest [RO]

2021 - group show, Diploma Festival 2021, Bucharest [RO]

2022 - duo-show “Realities” @Alternative Processes: Women History Month

07_Sabina Suru_iaval_hologram detail_foto by Didi Elena
05_Sabina Suru_iaval_hologram detail_foto by Didi Elena
04_Sabina Suru_iaval_hologram detail_foto by Didi Elena
03_Sabina Suru_iaval_hologram detail_foto by Didi Elena
02_Sabina Suru_iaval_hologram detail_foto by Didi Elena
06_Sabina Suru_iaval_hologram detail_foto by Didi Elena
09_Sabina Suru_iaval_hologram detail_foto by Didi Elena
01_Sabina Suru_iaval_installation view_foto by Didi Elena
A3 Sabina verso