Portfolio Category: Photography

The blue room_A mechanical copy
2022A Mechanical Copy:The Blue Room At the invitation of Claudia Retegan from 2/3 galeria in Bucharest, I spent a week in an artistic residency-type setup in the gallery space, carrying out a project inspired by Walter Benjamin’s seminal text, The Work of Art in the Age of its Technical Reproducibility. The public was invited to
The Entropist
2022The Entropist Algorithmic processes that make the structure of our digital reality are recurrently masked under soothing interfaces, mimicking human form. What we identify as the internet can dissolve into uncanny constructs when questioning the control people have over what lurks underneath congenial interactions. This project starts from my search for a technological bridge between
Gentle agents
2022Gentle agents At the invitation of IOMO Gallery in Bucharest, I collaborated with curator & visual artist Andrei Tudose, in bringing about a new body of work meant to bring together my research and experiments in optical contraptions and holography. I wanted to connect this to my other interests - scanography, hybrid film, contemporary dance