Faulty Technology / Official Selection @Frostbite International Indie Film Fest

August 1, 2020 by Sabina Suru Festivals Comments Off on Faulty Technology / Official Selection @Frostbite International Indie Film Fest

I know this year has been…well, in many ways. Before the quarantine, I had several ideas for several projects I was to develop or be part of throughout the year. Among these, there was one particular idea for something that was to arise as a dance film. But then everyone got locked in. So that was that. But we continued talking and planning and eventually started working with less than planned. Far less. But we had more time than before, so I guess it wasn’t all bad, right? And so, after months of obstacles, experiments and trying out stuff I hadn’t tried before, the first piece of the Faulty technology project had emerged. And it seems it’s travelling more than I did, this year! 


Faulty technology is a multimedia project that questions the potential of visual mutation based on technological glitches and accidents. It renegotiates the connections between dissociated fields: analogue vs. digital, still vs. moving image, body in presence vs. absence.


We start with Frostbite International Indie film festival this august: https://frostbitefest.wixsite.com/frostbitefilmfest/copy-of-2020-july


This is a festival by filmmakers, for filmmakers. FROSTBITE strives to protect the notion that students and Indie filmmakers can make the visions in their head a reality without huge budgets. We support the passion of filmmaking, and the adventure of it. Everyone who is passionate should have a chance to show their work to the world and prove themselves in order to make a difference. We can all change the history of cinema.

More info: https://frostbitefest.wixsite.com/frostbitefilmfest

Faulty Technology beautiful team:

(thank you, guys, for your hard work and support!)

Sabina Suru – concept / art direction

Irina de Marinescu – movement / choreography

Monocube – music composition

Robin Cracknell – typography / graphic design

Andrei Tudose – video edit