group show | Show-OFF 4: The temporary un/commonplace – MATCA artspace

July 24, 2021 by Sabina Suru Ehibitions Comments Off on group show | Show-OFF 4: The temporary un/commonplace – MATCA artspace

While I have been working continuously to develop Faulty Technology further, she kept joyfully travelling (this time a little closer to home,  in Cluj-Napoca), as part of MATCA artspace’s funky group show  Show-OFF #4 – The temporary un/commonplace,, while taking a more objectified form that her usual mobile self.


Faulty technology questions the potential of visual mutation based on technological glitches and accidents, with a very particular attention to objectification and materialization of what we are used to witness as digital space or experience. In this particular case, the image seriality which is at the core of the project, manifested in a replay on the praxinoscope, requiring the public to activate it in order to mechanically animate the images.


Show OFF #4:

For this summer we`re switching OFF our regular shows for the fourth time and we`re introducing you to our ++hot season++ group show – where we invited the selected artists to reflect or propose us some works under a specific theme, called ”the temporary un/commonplace” – as this year, just like the previous one, the show will take place in two locations. we selected works by 27 artists we collaborated with in the past exhibitions, or artists we would like to work with in the future, each of them responding to the proposed theme, where the past-present-future of places is reflected, the state of the artist or art, or various characteristics of transitions and common backgrounds, territories, intersections, distances, and knowledge (…).


MATCA artspace is an artist-run space managed by three local artists (Alexandru Muraru, Matei Toșa  and Alexandra Mocan) that emerged in Cluj-Napoca at the beginning of 2017 and has been, since then been developing a collaborative and fresh approach to exhibiting and disseminating contemporary art.


You can have a quick digital glance at the exhibition here.


Ana Botezatu
Lucian Indrei
Sabina Suru
Lorena Cocioni
Matei Toșa
Xavier Robles de Medina
Oana Fărcaș
Sasha Bandi
Alexandra Mocan
Vlad Brăteanu
Xenia Roth
Ioana Iacob
Alexandru Muraru
Vlad Olariu
Alexandru Mihai Budeș
Ioan Grosu
Ionuț Claudiu Vancea
Lisa Marie Schmitt
Oana Pop
Luca Florian
Cătălin Ilie
George Crîngașu
Giulia Crețulescu
Mihai Teodorescu
Dan Beudean
Sibi Bogdan Teodorescu