September 12–18, 2022
Timişoara [RO]


Simultan Festival 2022, here we come!


The Somatist, the Entropist and the Skeptic is an artistic and research-oriented project, at the intersection between art and science. It unfolds in a series of interactive art installations.

The artists – Floriama Candea, Sabina Suru & Andrei Tudose, and Cătălin Creţu try to decipher together and along with the public, new ways of relating to technology, while positioning themselves in this connection.


The aim of the project is to raise awareness on the responsibility we have in the human-technology relationship, by researching the ability of technologies to be an invisible guide to our behaviours, habits, and physical & emotional states, thus blurring the boundaries between the natural and the artificial world.

The Somatist, the Entropist and the Skeptic project uses several types of technologies, more or less intrusive: machine learning algorithms, generative manipulation of image and sound, computer vision, sensors for recording physiological data (e.g. , EEG, EKG, chemo-sensors) – technologies that have become commonplace, which we no longer pay attention to, but which have the ability to record data (whether images or parameters of our physical or emotional state) and make it visible in unexpected ways.

The interaction with the artifacts of the collective installation proposes to guide the public in rethinking the relationship between the individual human agency and that of convivial technologies. The project provides clues about the place and responsibility people have in relation to technology, translating it into a chain of events that generate visual artistic content.

Excerpt from text by Floriama Candea


 More on the project here, and on the 2022 ed. of Simultan Festival here.


The Somatist, the Entropist & the Skeptic is developed in collaboration with Qolony – the Art & Science Colony, in partnership with INCD Materials Physics Măgurele and VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space, with support from AFCN – Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

foto credit Daliana Iacobescu(1)
foto credit Daliana Iacobescu
foto credit Petru Cojocaru 1
foto credit Petru Cojocaru 2
foto credit Petru Cojocaru 3
foto credit_ Andreea Săsăran

photos by Daliana Iacobescu, Andreea Sasaran, Petru Cojocaru


Qolony – the Art & Science Colony is a cultural association that functions as an aggregator of a mixed community of professionals from different disciplines, from contemporary artists, scientific researchers, specialists in various technologies, united by the passion for interdisciplinary practices.

The National Institute for Material Physics functions as a center of excellence for fundamental and applied research in the field of material physics.  The Institute follows four major research directions: Materials for the high-tech industry, Materials for energy storage and production, Materials and devices for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, life sciences, agriculture and biotechnology, and Materials for applications in special or extreme environments.

Simultan is an annual festival dedicated to interdisciplinary arts – emerging media projects, experimental music and audio-visual and sound projects, in order to support new forms of artistic expression. The  program includes live audio-visual performances, video art screenings, exhibitions, conferences and workshops.


Floriama Candea
Sabina Suru
Andrei Tudose
Catalin Cretu
Cristian Balas
Dr. Victor Diculescu


Thank you’s:
Simultan Festival team
Andreea Sasaran (photo credits)
Daliana Iacobescu (photo credits)
Petru Cojocaru (photo credits)
Alina Doros
Malmaison Studios