Faulty Technology / National Competition @BIEFF 2022

October 1, 2022 by Sabina Suru Festivals, Video Comments Off on Faulty Technology / National Competition @BIEFF 2022

October 1, 2022
Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival – BIEFF
Cinema Eforie


I wish I’d travelled so much and lively as my Faulty Technologies did over the last couple of years! Nevertheless, one eventually misses home and so it is that my little film is coming home, this time as a runner in my all time favourite film festival: the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival!

I remember discovering the emergence of this festival when I was still a student, many years ago. I remember I kept hoping my work would find its way there, but I did not expect it would happen this year. So I have little proper words to express the joy here! So I’ll take refuge in this lovely (and quite flattering) curatorial text by Catalin Boto:

Cinema was born technologically unstable, a poor child of the old imperfect history of industrialization. But its mistakes are forgotten as the new purpose of technology turns out to be anti-human perfection, without a past and for the future. Sabina Suru’s film comes as a respite in such a state of affairs: choreographing a pair of hands in simple, undulating movements, familiar to everyone, the artist “faults” the images more and more, passing them from one deforming effect to another. Because if everything was in 4K then we wouldn’t see anything.


For more info on the festival, take a glance here or here.

For more info on Faulty Technology, jump here.


Founded by directors Copel Moscu and Adina Pintilie, BIEFF – Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival is the first event in Romania dedicated to avant-garde film and visual art, a non-commercial initiative with an educational orientation, which aims to promote innovative creations and artists with deeply personal visions of contemporary reality, which at the same time, boldly explore the limits of the cinematic language. A cinema of total creative freedom, a cinema without compromises.

More info: BIEFF website

Faulty Technology team:

(thank you, guys, for your hard work and support!)

Sabina Suru – concept / art direction

Irina Marinescu – movement / choreography

Monocube – music composition

Robin Cracknell – typography / graphic design

Andrei Tudose – video edit